RAMPF – powering into the electrical future

Grafenberg, 03/24/17.

A safe and comfortable journey into the electrical future is ensured with the international RAMPF Group’s innovative process technology for thermal pastes and its high-performance polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone casting and sealing systems.

RAMPF Group companies RAMPF Production Systems and RAMPF Polymer Solutions will be exhibiting at Booth 117 at Battery Show Europe, which is being held in Germany for the first time from April 4 - 6, 2017, in Sindelfingen.

RAMPF Production Systems – high-precision dispensing of thermal pastes

Thermal pastes (gap fillers) are primarily used for power electronics components. Among other things, they cool automotive electronics assemblies, optimizing heat transfer from component to heat sink.

Ever higher electrical power densities mean the thermal energy that needs to be transferred and thus the proportion of filler in the thermal greases is also increasing. Consequently, the highly filled pastes with up to 90 percent fillers place ever greater demands on the pump system because they are prone to sedimentation and act aggressively on the dispensing component. This makes the choice of dispensing pump crucial to process reliability.

Low-wear KDP piston dispensing pumps

RAMPF Production Systems – a leading provider of innovative systems for processing one-, two-, and multi-component reactive plastic systems – has developed low-wear KDP piston dispensing pumps for processing thermal pastes. These pumps benefit from minimal maintenance requirements and maximum precision. The universal systems can apply thermal pastes with a dispensing rate of over 10 g/sec. They are based on the principle of forced volumetric dispensing and operate independently of pressure and viscosity.

The servo-drive technology enables the speed of material discharge to be varied, which means any mixing ratio can be set for two-component materials. Optimum adaptation to the process conditions is rounded off by the servo-electric transmission principle.

RAMPF Polymer Solutions – high-performance polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone casting and sealing systems

The polyurethane-, epoxy-, and silicone-based reactive plastic systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions offer a wide range of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. The products are used worldwide in numerous e-mobility applications, including:

  • Charging connector for electric vehicles; material: two-component polyurethane casting material
  • Relay / plug potting; material: two-component epoxy casting material
  • Battery cover; material: two-component silicone foam
  • Battery sensor; material: two-component silicone casting material

The casting materials and sealing systems are tailored to customer needs, with any color, shape or geometry possible.

The systems are RoHS-compliant, meet the toughest requirements of test standards and listings (including UL 50, UL 94, RTI, and OBJS2), and are listed with leading manufacturers in the automotive and electronics industries.

Material and plant technology from a single source – the holistic service from RAMPF

“Material quality and material processing are key to the correct functioning and durability of electrical and electronic systems,” says Michael Rampf, CEO of RAMPF Holding. “Process technology from RAMPF Production Systems and materials from RAMPF Polymer Solutions provide the automotive, energy, automation, and household goods industries worldwide with electrical and electronic components that deliver optimum performance over the maximum period. And we also offer our customers full support – all the way from product development to market launch.”