Innovative mixing and dispensing systems

With more than 2,800 system solutions on the market, RAMPF Production Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of mixing and dispensing systems. As a technology driver and leader in quality, RAMPF Production Systems offers:

  • Powerful low-maintenance mixing systems for reliable processing of fast-sedimenting, highly abrasive, and highly viscous materials
  • Dispensing systems and robots for reliable sealing, foaming, casting, and bonding of single- and multi-component materials 
  • High-precision dispensing systems for all kinds of materials, independent of fillers and viscosities


Innovative, high-performance, sustainable –
bonding, sealing, foaming, and casting a wide variety of polymer Systems.

Production Systems

Automation, informatization, precision –
in addition to our core competence of mixing and dispensing technology, we also offer automation and conveying systems for internal logistics, a range of other assembly and joining technologies, and logistic and quality assurance solutions.


Customer-oriented, skilled, committed –
comprehensive advice on all aspects of your project. Rapid and skilled support throughout the entire product life cycle of your machine. Contract manufacturing with top quality and fair prices.

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