Customized casting resin systems for sealing, bonding, casting, and coating

RAMPF Polymer Solutions is a dependable development partner for reliable sealing, casting, bonding, and coating solutions. As a technology driver and leader in quality, RAMPF Polymer Solutions offers:

  • Liquid to thixotropic sealing systems based on polyurethane and silicone
  • Electro casting resins made of polyurethane and epoxy for reliable protection of sensitive components
  • C.A.S.E solutions made of polyurethane with versatile properties for bonding, coating, and protecting
Maschinengestelle aus innovativen Materialien


Innovative, high-performance, sustainable –
reactive plastic systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and Silicone.

Find out more about our foam gaskets, electro casting resins, silicones und C.A.S.E.-products.

Production systems

Liquid and thixotropic sealing systems, electro and engineering casting resins, edge and filter casting systems.


Consulting, application engineering, and customer service. Customer-specific material development. Sample manufacturing. Independent process development.  Support in the design and construction of components. Global supply management. Internal and external training.

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