Top Quality – The Measure of All Things

Even the reliable fulfillment of quality requirements (“zero defects attitude”) is not good enough for us. We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The importance attached to quality within the RAMPF Group is illustrated by its corporate structure. Quality Management operates as a dedicated staff unit reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

A comprehensive quality management system complying with all the requirements of the internationally recognized DIN EN ISO 9001 standard provides the relevant framework. Its aim is to motivate and encourage the entire RAMPF Group workforce to develop an awareness of and a commitment to quality, and also to show initiative and act responsibly in this respect

For us, quality means more than just meeting delivery deadlines. RAMPF quality means well-trained, skilled employees and fair working conditions to encourage positive cooperation at all levels.

Every employee is also both entitled and expected to suggest improvements and contribute to the company's further development. Improving product quality and the quality of all our processes is an ongoing task, a continuous improvement process.

We measure our success using a variety of objective key indicators that are assessed at regular intervals. The findings are acted on promptly and, if necessary, our quality and performance targets are redefined or updated.

Our day-to-day performance is proof of how seriously we take our quality principles and of how much our efforts are appreciated in the markets we serve.

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